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Who we are

What we do

How does a structured and proven process with minimal fuss in minimal time sound? Well that’s what we’re about, keeping your sale simple whilst getting you an exceptional result. Our enthusiastic and capable team are well-equipped with handling the sales process from the point of listing all the way to settlement. When it comes to selling your home, we have a range of strategies that we can implement depending on your style of home, the time of year, and your personal situation. So whether it’s a sale via auction, private treaty, or off market - we’ve got you covered.

How we help

Preparing a home for sale can be a daunting task. How much should you renovate and change? How much do you spend? Should you add furniture for styling purposes? Don’t stress, we’re here for you. Our complimentary moving team will provide all of the advice you need using local services; they will organise tradespeople to provide quotes, coordinate any work that is to be done and assist with access. The service doesn’t stop there: they’ll also assist you with your move once you have sold, from removalists, cleaners and utility connections. Get in contact with us to find out why thousands of customers have used our services and have experienced a smooth and successful sales process because they did.

Our goal is to

To put it simply, our goal is to maximise the sale price, reduce the risk, get you to sold, and make it really easy. To make it easy for you once you have sold, we offer a buyer advocate service. Buying a property can be time consuming, and buyers’ agents can be a costly experience, so if you sell through us, we’ll assist you in the buying process at no extra cost. This includes providing access to off market listings before anyone else, advice on properties that are on the market and help with negotiations directly with the agent and bid at the auction on your behalf, regardless of whether the property is with our agency or not. We can also help with obtaining research and information on the next location you are moving to, even if out of area. We know agents in several different areas that can assist you, and we can also provide backend data information and statistics on a particular suburb.

Your own branding

Stand out from the crowd and show your true colours with your own personal choice of branding. Our company marketing is bold, modern and sleek, and when undertaking a marketing campaign with our agency, we allow you the choice of colour to be displayed on social media, brochures, mailcards and the signboard. The signboard will also contain a personal quote about the home directly from you - something you have loved or found desirable. We find adding a small part of yourself to the marketing in this way allows buyers to connect with the home on your level. After all, not all properties require the same stock-standard marketing. Choose which colour suits you and your property the best and have all of your marketing match, attracting more buyers to your home through the unique and trendy styling.

Your agent

Our company possesses expert agents in the markets of the Hornsby Shire and surrounds. With unmatched knowledge of the local area and a new and exciting platform from which we operate, we pride ourselves on offering a personalised service of high professionalism. Combining structured processes with quality team effort, and coached by Australia's leading Real Estate Coach Josh Phegan, you’re can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands possible.