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Your Agent

Our company possesses expert agents in the markets of the Hornsby Shire and surrounds. With unmatched knowledge of the local area and a new and exciting platform from which we operate, we pride ourselves on offering a personalised service of high professionalism. Combining structured processes with quality team effort, and coached by Australia's leading Real Estate Coach Josh Phegan, you’re can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands possible.

Monthly video updates

Our monthly updates on the property management side of things are short, sharp and informative, helping you make the best decisions for your current and future investment goals. Our topics are broad and wide, from recent rental figures to pet bans in strata properties, and even an overview of rental news from a national standpoint. As a landlord, you will receive these as a priority, having them directly sent to your email.

Access to landlords first program

Be ahead of the pack and receive exclusive access to high investment grade properties before they go live to the property market. Our Landlords First Program will see you signed up to receive off-market listings that, as an investor, we pick to be a good purchase. This means, if you are looking to increase your investment portfolio, you’ll have first pick of opportunity to do so. If not, this service will still provide you an insight to how similar properties to yours are tracking on the sales market.

Daily inspections on vacant properties

We know that exposure is one of the most important things to ensure your property is leased quickly. So, subject to access from you as the owner, or the existing tenant, we’ll make the property available to inspect on a daily basis. We also conduct video tours via WhatsApp as well as take property walk-throughs, allowing us a greater reach of potential tenants who may not be available to inspect at certain times. This method is effective as it will reduce your vacancy rate and therefore, save you money in the long run as you will have had more opportunities to find a new tenant

Helping you grow / start a property portfolio

Each year we assess each client's property portfolios and their return on investments. This includes analyzing the equity available to you and working with you to see where you can use this to capitalise growth within your investments. We are also available to new starters looking to build a portfolio, we have an experienced team ready to meet with you and work on a strategic plan that will assist you in building your portfolio.

Our Goal

Once a tenant is secured, we pride ourselves on the high level of service and communication we uphold throughout the process of managing your property. We have a proven strategy around tenant management, understand the laws and regulations involved in residential management, and are highly accessible when you need to get a hold of us. Our goal is to maximise rental return, minimise any exposure to vacancy, minimise any risk associated with owning a property right the way through from smoke alarm compliance, water efficiency devices, landlord insurances and tribunal outcomes. As a proactive approach, we work with you to carry out preventative maintenance of your property, ensuring your investment is well looked after in the long term. Of course if necessary or emergency repairs are needed and brought to our attention we’ll work with you to stay on top of these, ultimately allowing you to leave the tough stuff to us.

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Not receiving the service you were promised? Lack of communication got you feeling out of the loop? Changing over to us isn’t as hard as you think, download our checklist and find out how.