Saliba Community Series with Normanhurst Eagles Football Club

For the past four years, Saliba has proudly sponsored the Normanhurst Eagles Football Club. In this episode of our community series, Josh chats with the club president, Mark, to catch up on all the exciting things happening both within the club and the broader community. We’re thrilled to support such an amazing club. Don’t forget to join us this Saturday for Back to Normo Day at Normanhurst Oval. See you there!

Josh: Hey, team, we’re here for the Saliba community series again. I have Mark from the Normanhurst Eagles. Thanks so much for joining us. Tell us a little bit about the club. How many players are there now?

Mark: This year we have just over 900 players, up from around 700 in 2019. We have 80 teams from under sixes to Premier League. There’s been a big growth in women’s football; we started our own Women’s Premier League team, which has had mixed success. We offer football from little kids to adults, with our youngest player at five and the oldest at 63. We have a development squad for kids aged 8 to 12, giving them additional training while maintaining a community aspect, allowing kids to play with their friends rather than leaving the community.

Josh: You haven’t just focused on the community side of things. We’ve been a great sponsor for the club for about four years now, and we’re grateful for that opportunity. You also did some stuff that was interstate and Indigenous, right?

Mark: Yes, when we had a big kit change, we donated all our old kits to a charity called Kit Pack. Many jerseys went to remote communities in Western Australia. Last year, for our 65th anniversary, we created an Indigenous jersey and donated money to a gallery that sponsors kids to go to boarding schools, giving them opportunities. We’re always looking at the wider community as well as football.

Josh: That’s what I love about the club. It’s not just focusing on the local community but also on communities abroad. That’s probably why I’m getting calls from interstate people trying to sell their properties in these remote towns! I’ve been very grateful for the opportunity to work with the club for the past four years and have always seen amazing things. What’s next for the club? What are you working on, and how can people get involved?

Mark: The big growth area is women’s football. We’ve started the Women’s Premier League program this year with all internal players, without external recruiting. The club’s growth, supported by sponsors like Saliba, allows us to bring these girls through without them having to leave Normanhurst to play at a high level. We also maintain the community aspect, so if you want to play with your friends, you still can. Our big event is Back to Normo Day on Saturday, June 15th. We invite sponsors, past life members, and roughly 700 people for a day with raffles, rides, bake sales, barbecues—the usual fun stuff. It’s a great way to give back to our sponsors for their continued support.

Josh: We’ll have a stall set up there, and a lot of the other sponsors will have stalls too. I heard something about a beer garden?

Mark: Yes, we partnered with a local brewery to produce Normo branded lager. It’s for the senior teams and parents, offering refreshments. We also started Sunday barbecues with the Women’s Premier League at Thornleigh Oval, running until 4:00 PM. We support equality, so whatever the men’s Premier League gets, the Women’s Premier League gets too, including new Normo gear.

Josh: Back to Normo Day is coming up soon. We’ll have some prizes and an Eftpos gift card. We’re working on the exact figure. Anyone out there who wants to come down and support the club, come out for a good time!

Mark: It’s not just about the football club. It’s about the wider community too. Come down and celebrate your local football club, whether you’re playing, watching, or living nearby. Come and enjoy yourself.

Josh: Absolutely. Thanks for joining us on the series. I look forward to working with you guys in the future. Fantastic. Thanks, guys.