Saliba Community Series with Carpet Town

In this episode of the Saliba Community series, Josh is joined by Romal from Carpet Town at their showroom in West Pennant Hills. Romal reflects on the business’s growth and community support, emphasising the diverse range of flooring options they offer, including engineered timber, hybrid laminate, bamboo flooring, and vinyl. He also highlights Carpet Town’s expansion into shutters, blinds, and awnings, driven by their core values of quality service and community relationships. With showrooms in Hornsby, Blacktown, and West Pennant Hills, Romal shares their vision for further expansion within Sydney and nationally, while maintaining their commitment to excellence. Josh and Romal discuss the impressive growth of Carpet Town and the strong partnership that has developed between their teams, looking forward to what the future holds for this thriving business.

Josh: We’re down here for the Saliba Community series. I’m joined by Romal from Carpet Town here, in West Pennant Hills. Thanks for joining us.

Romal: Thank you, Josh, and welcome to our showroom.

Josh: Thank you. This is the OG of our podcast. It wasn’t yourself, but your Brother Ken that was on this in the early days. It’s been absolutely amazing to see what you guys have done. Talk to us about the business. Talk to us about what is it that you guys offer?

Romal: Thank you, Josh. First of all, it shows that we build good relationships that we have you here again, which is excellent. As you say, in the showroom, we offer a number of flooring options, which include different types of flooring: engineered timber, hybrid laminate, bamboo flooring, and vinyl. So, different types of flooring as well as different fibers for carpet. The business is doing well. We are working very well with the community, and the community is supporting us a lot, which is very, very important for us. By the support of yourself and the community, I’m glad that Carpet Town is growing very well. So currently, we have showrooms located in Hornsby, Blacktown, and West Pennant Hills. Our goal is to cover more areas within Sydney and, hopefully, expand nationally.

Josh: Love that. So you’ve got some vision to do much bigger things. A lot of the work that we send to you, we’ve got raving Google reviews, through the roof. And it’s not just flooring. I think there’s some blinds and stuff that you’re dipping your toes into as well?

Romal: That’s right. We focus on shutters, blinds, and awnings as well. Yes, our service and our quality and relationship with the community are our values. We make sure that we operate based on these values. Those reviews that you have mentioned show that we make sure our customers are satisfied and eventually, they bring us more support, which is excellent. We always appreciate that, and it means a lot to us.

Josh: What’s next for you guys? You have done the three showrooms in a short period of time, which is phenomenal to see. What’s next? What are you trying to achieve?

Romal: Myself, personally, I came from a human rights and community services background, and I did my master’s in human rights. This is one of the strengths that brings to our business. We see everything from a human rights perspective with a community mindset. We make sure that we operate based on our values, not only in business but also in connecting with the community and supporting each other. That’s the number one priority for us, and it has helped us grow more. Obviously, our focus is to grow more, but we make sure to take careful steps while keeping our quality and standards as they are or even improving them. So that’s why we are very careful in growing the business.

Josh: Well, it’s been absolutely phenomenal growth. It’s been really enjoyable to work with you guys. It’s not only great for our consumers and clients who have utilized your service and never had any issues, despite having some challenging clients that we’ve worked with. It’s more enjoyable to work with you guys, the friendship that we built between yourself and then with Ken. Looking at it from the outside, I know we have contributed, obviously, but there’s been a lot of heavy lifting from you guys, so I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Romal: Thank you so much, Josh. Actually, that means a lot. Because of your support, you as a person and your team, we wouldn’t be here today.