Saliba Community Series – Drive Personal Coaching

We had the privilege of visiting Dillion at Drive Personal Coaching this week, where we explored his impressive studio and learned more about his journey. The space is truly remarkable, reflecting Dillion’s dedication and vision. It’s a fantastic addition to the Thornleigh community, and it’s inspiring to see businesses like this thriving! Continue reading to find out what we talked about, or watch the video above.

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Q: When did you start Drive Personal Coaching?

A: So we started off in January 2022. Right after Covid, with the idea of trying to help as many people as we can in the area. We saw that there wasn’t many personal training studios, so thought we’d give it a shot.

Q: How long have you been a PT for?

A: I’ve been a PT for about seven years. I started the business in 2022. Yeah, a lot of learning. A lot of lessons.

Q: What’s been the biggest lesson learned out of building a business?

A: I guess just keeping it simple. Trying to keep it simple. Your mind can race to many different avenues, See a lot of shiny objects and try and go for each one of them. But, just stick to the plan and you’ll be sweet.

Q: Did you have a business plan before you started?

A: We had a plan. But as as I said, it’s easy to get sidetracked with all the things that you might see on Instagram, And then you get lost. Going back to what works and just keeping with that.

Q: And so how many people are in the company now?

A: We’ve got, six, including me. They’re all great people.

Q: And so what do you offer here? You’ve got some free weights, and a bit of cardio stuff. What do you offer?

A: So we offer one-on-one personal training, more individualized programs suited for people over 40 years old, looking to get away from those big box gyms and get into a more private studio with a little bit
more of a friendly community. But also someone that can be guided the right way with nutrition, and also safe training to ensure that they’re getting the best results they can.

Q: What advice would you give to someone starting out as a personal trainer?

A: As a trainer, I think you really need to try and understand the person you want to train. Whether it’s someone over 40 or a bodybuilder, get a good understanding of who you want to train first before recommending any programs or food advice for them.

Q: What is a piece of advice you’d give to someone wanting to start training?

A: A client who’s maybe scared of coming into a gym, or has never been in a gym before, would find this space comforting. One thing I really like about this place is that it’s private. It’s not like a commercial gym with tons of people. For those worried about coming into a gym, it’s quite quiet, isn’t it? Many people who started here were scared of getting a personal trainer who would be overly intense. That fear holds a lot of people back. But if you find a place where you can see what the community is about, and relate to people like yourself, then you’ll likely find the people there are nice, welcoming, and understanding. So, I completely understand the thoughts that go through people’s heads when they think about training—it can be scary.

Josh: Well, congratulations on all your success. This space is truly impressive and makes you want to be part of it. I’ve heard great things about what you’re doing here. If people want to reach out to you, they can find you on Instagram, Facebook, or your website. We’ll include your details in the description below.

Thanks so much for joining us. Stay tuned for the next Saliba Community Series!