Achieving a timeless look for your home

A timeless interior exudes a sense of quiet confidence. It’s sophisticated, yet feels inviting. A timeless home is neither over the top or boring. Combining a multi-layered approach, the style balances the feeling of being lived-in and curated.

In this guide, we look at what makes a home appear timeless. We share with you some of the key things to consider if you’re wanting to achieve a timeless look in your home from colour palettes and furnishings to great reads for inspiration.




Calm and classic dinning and kitchen interior with fireplace, white walls, framed pictures on wall and wooden chairs

If you are renovating or building a new home, before you settle on your layout, consider an open-plan design. An open-plan living area offers greater flexibility and allows for a seamless transition from one space to the next. It also allows you to decorate in a unified aesthetic across the living, dining and kitchen areas.

Open-plan interiors best work when you carrying the flooring, lighting or colour palette throughout all adjoining spaces. You can use materials, colour or furnishings to define a space if you do require visual separation.



The most successful interiors that withstand the test of time are those that consider the functionality of the home. It may not be glamorous to think about energy efficiency, storage and durable finishes but it will pay dividends to consider these more functional elements as well as those shiny and more beautiful things.

Timeless interiors are also ones that are scaled perfectly and in proportion. Think about how large or small our rooms are. Consider how well your furniture fits without the space. A well-proportioned interior will have furniture that is neither too large that it crams the room or too small that it seems to get lost.



Just like fashion, interior trends come and go. If you’re committed to achieving a timeless look in your home, you’ll want to look beyond these trends and focus on styles that last and that you love. Timeless interiors tend to resist the trends and focus on an understated, yet sophisticated, style.

Don’t rush to purchase furniture, especially big ticket items, or paint walls in the ‘colour of the year’. Instead, add these more trendy colours and materials in accent pieces like tableware, lamps, cushions and bedding. These can be changed more easily when you get tired of the style.



Apartment living room with white walls, cream coloured sofa, cream curtains, white table lamps and a big painting on the wall

Timeless interiors decorated in a classic style are both enduring and unpretentious. There’s an order, yet comfort and functionality are at the forefront.

When creating a timeless feel in your home, consider how your aesthetic works with the architecture of your home. In a classically styled home, you’ll notice mouldings, discreet cornices and window outlines. Materials and furnishing will be of quality and the colour scheme mainly neutrals and light pastels. Velvets, cottons and canvas are some of the most popular fabrics to style within a classic, timeless interior for they are elegant without being too ornate.

A timeless, classic interior is also well balanced and you’ll find there is a play of symmetry. Rooms will be centred around a focal point such as a fireplace. For example, matching occasional chairs will flank the feature element with a mirror or large artwork above.



Bedroom interior with light blue walls, built-in shelf and decorative cornices

In timeless interiors, neutrals have a strong presence. Beiges, greys and whites, in particular, have a way of accentuating an interior and creating continuity in an open-plan space. Unlike the 60’s where oranges and browns were on trend and where pastels came into their own in the 80’s, a neutral palette never dates.

Opting for a neutral palette doesn’t mean you can’t add personality and feeling to a home. Warm whites, for example, create an inviting space and compliment an interior that has a lot of texture and natural materials. Cool whites, on the other hand, are great for neutralising spaces that flooded with natural light and work well with those decorating in a minimalist style.

Timeless interiors aren’t all painted in white though. Cool greys add a sense of glamour and warm greys create a more relaxed feeling. Then there are the navy blues, dark greens and blacks that are often used to complement a neutral palette.   

If you’re keen to add a splash of colour to your timeless home, do so through your decorative elements such as artwork, throws or cushions. Layering colour in through smaller pieces won’t be too overpowering.



Living room interior with natural wood coffee table, framed picture, wooden beams, white sofa and white table lamps

When achieving a timeless look in your home, consider modernising the space with art and other decorative elements. This way, regardless of the time period of your architecture or furnishings, your interior will feel current and reflective of today’s lifestyle.

To help connect the artwork with the interior, use complementary colours. Even consider how the medium of the artwork impacts your space. For example, a glossy photograph of a landscape will create a fresh and modern feeling that a traditional oil painting of a landscape wouldn’t.

Layering your interior with some worldly decorative elements can also enrich your interior and reinforce the timeless style. These items can be as small as a bowl on a coffee table or more significant pieces like a pair of table lamps flanking your sofa.



Editing becomes key when you’re aiming for a timeless interior. Homes of this décor style tend to respect space. There’s room to move and breathe. Furniture isn’t crowded together and surfaces aren’t cluttered. Fixtures and fittings tend to be streamlined to allow for soft furnishings to take centre stage.

Creating a timeless home comes down to balance between filling the space and leave areas open. It’s also a balance between the statement pieces and the clean simple design.



Combining finishes, furniture and features of different eras and styles can help to create a timeless space. That’s because your interior won’t scream a certain time period or a design style which may be reminiscent of a trend.

Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. An antique furniture piece under a modern art piece on a crisp white wall can look incredible and very current. A beautiful old rug under a contemporary sofa of clean lines will create a timeless feel.

Again, it’s the balance that is the essence of timeless interior design.