4 Things Not to do when Selling Your Home

Selling a home is a tricky business. And it’s also something of a national pastime, which means that everyone has an opinion on it.

Here’s four things to avoid when trying to successfully sell your home.

  1. Don’t find an agent last minute and rush the experience

Sellers should engage with their agent as soon as possible. The earlier sellers engage agents, the more time agents can spend on advising how to redecorate a home in line with the tastes of the target market.

Your agents may be able to give you a second pair of eyes to identity issues, discuss how to make the campaign successful, and give you an insight on what the buyers want to see. If we rush this stage, things can be missed, and both the agents and sellers may not have time to perfect everything in order to sell your home for the highest price.

2. Don’t list with the cheapest agent

Armed with fierce negotiating skills and plenty of industry connections, a good agent is often the difference between your property selling above asking price and coming in just short of the mark.

And so, it pays to look past the price tag when researching potential agents.

Create a shortlist of those who have recently sold similar properties to yours, and then interview them to find out what sets them apart from the competition.

3. Don’t set your price too high

Price isn’t necessarily the most important factor in a buyer’s purchasing decision, but it’s one of the easiest ways to filter out properties when putting together a shortlist.

Price your property too high and Weston says you’ll scare off large numbers of otherwise interested buyers.You can, of course, readjust the sale price at a later date. But after your property has spent a few weeks on the market, some buyers may avoid it regardless of the price, as the longer it’s been for sale, the more likely buyers will assume there’s something wrong with it.

4. Don’t cheap out on marketing costs

Buying and selling property is never cheap. But tightening your purse strings isn’t always the answer.

By exposing your property to far-reaching audiences, an effective marketing campaign is one of the best ways to drum up demand for your property. And the greater the demand, the higher your chances of securing a good sale price. Which is why Townsend believes skimping on marketing costs represents a false economy.

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