• Got the result we were looking for

    Westleigh - 05 Feb 2020

    Throughout the whole process, Josh was excellent. He was professional at all times, he always knew what he was doing; he gave me great confidence. I was a little nervous - I haven’t sold a house for 50 years, but Josh helped me through the whole process, answered all the questions that I needed, and he got the result that we were looking for. The fact that Josh has just commenced working for himself didn’t worry me one bit because I have known Josh for at least 8 years. He has kept in touch with me all that time, and I knew he was the guy that I wanted to sell my property. He’s the real estate agent that I know the best, and as it turned out, it was a good decision for me because Josh was brilliant; he helped me all the way through.

  • Five Stars!

    Westleigh - 04 Dec 2019

    Excellent Service

  • Outstanding service

    Pennant Hills - 13 Jan 2020

    I recently sold my house through Josh and I couldn’t ask for more outstanding service. Right from the start he had a strategy which achieved a fantastic result. He is highly professional, and I totally trusted his advice. Selling your house is a stressful event but he made it much easier.

  • Nothing but praise

    Thornleigh - 30 Dec 2019

    Have nothing but praise for Josh Saliba who was so knowledgeable, professional and amazing at what he does. He ensured we were kept in the loop at all times which made the process so much easier when dealing with people with such honesty and integrity.

  • A top agent

    Thornleigh - 09 Oct 2019

    Five stars!

  • Highly recommended

    Normanhurst - 20 Dec 2019

    With Josh and his team, we knew we were in great hands from day one.
    I would definitely recommend them.

  • Professional & respected

    Thornleigh - 26 Jul 2019

    Josh is always professional, engaged and highly respected within the local community. I value Josh's knowledge of the Real Estate market of which he is incredibly passionate about.

  • The best assistance

    Pennant Hills - 17 Jan 2020

    Josh is a gentleman. He's punctual, trustworthy and he'll go out of his way to help

  • Lucky to have found him!

    Westleigh - 18 Sep 2019

    Last year when we had problems with our property when it was rented out, Josh was there for us. Unlike most realtors which just care about the sale not people. I think we were so lucky to find him.

  • Outstanding Professionals

    Thornleigh - 14 Sep 2019

    Josh and his team are outstanding professionals in assisting with home buying, selling and general realestate matters. Thank you Josh for all your support.